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CNC Madness Machining Ltd.

Our Mission

To provide customers with solutions to have the parts they need made so that they can see their dream come to reality. From a single part to a larger production and a 1 day lead time, we want to do what we can to make sure you get what you need when you need it.

Our Beginnings

Nick Heppner, owner of CNC Madness, started making parts in 2010 out of his garage with an interest in CNC machines, radio control toys and computers. He spent many years in the hobby of RC cars, helicopters and then drones, which sparked an interest of designing and building his first drone. 

Nick’s first versions were made by hand using scroll saws and hand tools and he quickly realized how a CNC machine would improve the process. With that in mind, he built his first CNC machine in his garage which was the starting point of being able to offer cutting services to others. As requests came in for cutting, the business grew outside the home garage and required more space, machines and employees. 

Nick has a background in electronics, completing the Electronics Core Program and becoming a 3rd Class Power Engineer, his skills have been invaluable in learning the many different processes that are used to create quality parts, setup complex machines and much more. Nick has a constant need to learn new things which pushes him to add new services to CNC Madness.

Our Team

Our team currently consists of 6 employees which all bring valuable skills to the business to help create the parts needed for our customers. We are always willing to help and learn new skills so we can provide additional services and support to you.

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