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At Cncmadness our focus has been carbon fiber machining for such things as Drone, Battle bot, racing simulator parts, RC car and truck parts and more. We also offer machining on other materials such as aluminum, fiberglass(G10), plastics and wood for a variety of applications.

Our team has been into cnc machining since 2014 where our main focus was manufacturing parts for the drone market. We have since expanded into other area and materials. Whether it’s been flying, design, machining or support, we try to learn from everything we do so that we can pass our knowledge onto you.

  • No min order
  • Large selection of materials in stock
  • Next day service availible
  • Fast quotes
  • Accept most file types
  • Large selection of hardware
  • Drafting services
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What our customers say

Bob Roogi

Bob Roogi

Dentist & FPV products designer, KababFPV - FPVCycle, US (California)

CNCMadness is MADD! The customer service and speed of fulfillment is truly surprising. They work so quick that it's easy to drastically under appreciate how much physical work is involved with each and every order. Even more surprising are the tolerances which are about +/-0.05mm at the worst. This is as good as I've ever seen in the industry and means they're using good fresh bits and constantly calibrating the machines which takes heaps of time and money. I usually use them for prototyping so I just get rough cuts but I mention that because the edges of the carbon I get are so sharp you could legitimately slice your finger on them if you grab it too tightly. This means that they're also cutting slowly so as to not overwork the edge. I've never seen the tolerances they consistently produce be matched in large volume production runs from anyone but themselves. You're essentially getting the best cut you can get with good carbon for not a whole lot more than a large batch batch order from an overseas manufacturer given you're getting things one off. Their work ethic and dedication is admirable. Use them because we need more people like them in this industry. https://www.youtube.com/user/eatkabab/ https://fpvcycle.com https://www.bfdds.com
David Clédon

David Clédon

Frames Designer & Rocket Scientist, Gatehunter FPV, Germany

I used many CNC cutting services since I made designing frames a big part of my hobby and CNCMadness is the one I recommend the most for three reasons: First, materials and machining quality are among the best I have ever seen; No rough edges, no delamination, super tight tolerances and beautiful cosmetic top layers. Second, prices are absolutely fair! In fact your custom, made in Canada frame will probably be cheaper than many "off the shelf" products coming from a mass producing factory in Asia. On top of that any spare part you might need in the future will always be available! And last but not least, they are always quick to reply and ship super fast. A pleasure to work with! On top of that another thing I really appreciate is are the premium versions of my frames that CNC madness offers: Beautifully chamfered edges, countersunk screws (even M2!) are a please to look at! https://www.thingiverse.com/Dave_C_FPV/ https://www.instagram.com/dave_c_fpv/ https://youtube.com/c/DaveCFPV/
Alex Arvinte

Alex Arvinte

FPV Hobbyist and amateur frames designer, ledrone.club, France

I mostly design frames for myself and my friends and when it comes to cut some to test out and use there's no service matching  Cncmadness. What matters most to me is the convenience to work with them, all the options like chamfering and hardware, the kind advices of course the price and quality of the final result are really above what i used before. As i don't run a quad related business it is important for me to be able to go from one frame cut to virtually any number. https://www.thingiverse.com/ledroneclub/designs https://www.youtube.com/c/ledroneclub/ https://instagram.com/ledrone.club/
Lucas Sanford

Lucas Sanford

Owner and FPV Product Designer, Sky Ready RC, US, Central Texas

After I designed the new Cobra and Cobra Lite 5” racing frames for Sky Ready RC, we needed to find the right company to do the manufacturing. The innovative aluminum CLS plates (Channel Lock System) used to capture the arms would pose a manufacturing challenge. Not only did we need someone with a reputation for cutting high quality carbon fiber, but they also had to offer aluminum CNC services. Our research led us to CNC Madness. CNC Madness cut a one-off prototype for a very reasonable rate, and after seeing the quality of their work, we chose them for our production run. Our frame design required very exacting tolerances, and CNC Madness delivered. I cannot recommend them highly enough.