Exporting DXF files


DXF files are the requested format as its used for quoting and cutting. By submitting clean files in a dxf, this will expedite the quoting process. If a file is sent that has issues, we have to correct the files and make them workable before we can simulate the cutting and work up a cost.

In the event that you can’t send a dxf, we can take other formats such as iges, step or stl. We would suggest staying away from stl as we have the most issues with this format.

We have provided info on a couple common programs that are used to create file.

Autocad Inventor

In order to save the needed file for quoting, we require that the file be saved as a 2004 version for proper importing into our software. Below is instructions on how to change the version when saving the files.

Right click on the face of the part you wish to export and select “Export Face As…”

Select “Options…” at the save as popup window

Choose “AutoCAD 2004 Drawing” as the file version. This is needed as out software won’t open the latest versions.

Fusion 360

With fusion 360, the biggest problem is we get files that were just saves from the menu as a dxf. This will cause a couple problems as the rotation of the part can affect the file as well as the scale. In order to get a clean dxf file, a new layer is required to be added and all lines to be exported will be moved to this layer.

Here is a great video that shows the process and should help in getting the files needed for cutting. If the part has more then just straight cuts such as pockets, chamfering, or etching, then a iges or step file would be better. We can then export the needed files and make sure we can measure any needed sections.


Solidworks is the software we use to create files and to get the needed dxf files from files that are submitted that are not of the needed format. Solidworks has made it really easy as all you need to do is right click on the face you want to export and save the file as dxf. Here is a quick video that shows the creation of a part and the export of the file. We have found that there is no need with Solidworks to change the version type of the dxf file saved.

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