Chamfer Your Way to a Smooth Finish


Chamfering is a great way to smooth those edges on the parts for a great feel. It’s also useful for making countersunk holes for screws.

There is an additional cost to have this done and will vary depending on the request. If you just want the top side of the part done, this can be done while the parts are being cut. If both sides are going to be done, this requires a jig to be made so that the part can be flipped and remounted. Note that these jigs are made from wood and are a one time use, so they will need to be made for each order.

Starting cost to make a jig is $15 USD and may be waived if the orders is larger.

Outside Edge Chamfering

When an outside edge is wanting to be chamfered, the files can be submitted with or without the chamfer lines. If you don’t include them, we will need a discription of which edges will be done and the amount of chamfer you would like.

Chamfering can be done on the full part or only partially. Shown is an example of both and how it would be shown for cutting. They can also be done on both sides as well or just on the cutting surface. If you want to have just the top side done, it should be noted on the file which side is the top.

Full Chamfering
Partial Chamfering


Chamfering can also be used to create holes for countersunk screws. This can be shown with a double circle. The inner circle is used for the cut through and the outside one is for the chamfer. If the goal is to have flush screws, its best to have the outside circle at 6.2mm for an M3 screw and 4.2mm for M2.

Often these are done off the machine and done on a drill press as it requires less setup and keeps the cost down. If the holes are not round and can’t be done on the drill press, it will be done on the machine. It is also important when submitting a 2D drawing to indicate which side is up. The face that is shown on the order image is the side that will have the chamfering applied.

Here is a sample of a full frame with partially chamfered arms and countersunk holes.

Countersunk Screws
Full Frame Sample

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