Manufacturing parts for the drone market since 2014

With drones being used for so many things these days and with so much innovation, we are proud to be in the middle of such a great industry. Our expert ability to CNC router carbon fiber plates that are needed for the frames of drones, we can manufacture parts for models that range from micro indoor flyers to large agricultural and movie filming drones.  

CNC Madness has a wide selection of in-stock materials and cutting equipment needed for drone parts and assembly based on your designs. The most popular material for drones is carbon fiber, known for its strength, durability and light weight. We have a variety of grades, patterns and colors available to suit your needs.

Our machines are able cut 2.5D which allows us to add features such as pockets, countersinking, and chamfers. We are also able to work on the back sides of parts for additional cutting if required.

We also produce other parts for drones such as custom battery pads from 2.5mm textured silicone rubber. This process is done on our state of the art laser cutter and the material includes a M3 adhesive on the back.

We also carry a large stock of screws, standoffs, nuts and other items, which will help you assemble your project quickly and easily.