Drafting services

Have an idea for a project that you would like to have done but don’t have the tools, time, or know-how to design and build it yourself? Let us do the dirty work for you! We have a licensed Solidworks program and can help with the drafting of the part so that it can be machined. With a full 3d model, we can find show you what the part will look like when is complete and help eliminate any errors as they can be seen before hand. We have a team available to turn your napkin sketch idea into a full working design! Then with our in house machines, we can produce your design for you in one go! 

Ideas can range from small modifications of an existing drone to a full design of a new drone system, and everything in between. And you’re not limited only to drones, either. Airplanes, helicopters, even things that have nothing to do with the RC world. Previous customers have come with ideas as varied as knife handles, replacement machine parts, and new products for market. The sky is literally the limit!