CNC Machining

We specialise in CNC Machining for Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass (G10) mainly but also plastic, metal and even wood. Please find below more details on the service offered for each of those materials.

Carbon Fiber

We stock high quality 3k carbon fiber sheet in a variety of thickness, types and finish. Its a great material used in applications where light weight and strength are needed such as drones. Unlike other shops, we have no min order and are often filling orders with a single part. We also don’t make you pay for the full sheet and you only get charged for what is used. With a large selection of material, you should find everything you need to make your project come to life. We are also able to handle larger production runs and provide a competitive pricing. If we don’t have the material or finish you require, we are more the willing to look at bringing it in for you.

Fiberglass (G10)

Fiberglass G10 is a great material for testing out a design if you don’t want the expense of having it cut from carbon fiber. It is also no conductive, so it works well in spots where you would be concerned that power could be conducted though the part.

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